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Team Theo's Skydive 

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please e-mail or call us on 0114 321 2470.

How do I register?

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Just click on the register button at the top of the page and away you go!

How much does it cost to register?

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Registration is £50! all we then ask is that you raise a mimumum of £395 for your skydive. We'll send you a fundraising pack filled with goodies to help you raise your target and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Can we register a team?

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Unfortunately, not. This is because there is a registration fee of £50 per person and specific details are needed for each person. This means everyone must sign up individually.

When does registration close?

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Registration closes 1 month before the skydive or when we hit our participant limit of 20 people (whichever comes first) so sign up quickly to avoid disappointment.

What happens once I’ve registered?

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You will receive a welcome email from The Children’s Hospital Charity with lots of helpful advice as to how to start your fundraising. You will also receive a fundraising pack to help you on your way. 

Can I get a Team Theo charity t-shirt to wear?


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You can request a charity t-shirt when you register for the skydive. This will be sent to you with your fundraising pack.

How do I fundraise?


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When registering for the skydive, you will be encouraged to set up your personal fundraising page. Once set-up you can let your family, friends, relatives, co-workers, classmates and neighbours know you are participating, share your fundraising page with them and ask them for a donation. Remember, it’s for a really good cause. You will be surprised how many will support your efforts.

There’s lots of helpful information, tips & resources we can send you so, if you need anything specific please let us know by contacting

What is the fundraising target?


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We are asking each person taking part to raise a minimum of £395.

When is the minimum sponsorship due?


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We ask that the mimumum sponsorship of £395 is raised at least one month before the skydive. Please do contact the charity team to discuss this deadline if there are any problems.

Where will my fundraising go?

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Sheffield Children’s Hospital is a specialist children’s hospital, providing world-class care for children all over Yorkshire and across the UK. The Children’s Hospital Charity makes Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better, by creating an environment built with children in mind. Your donations will help us support Sheffield Children's where it is needed most.

How do I pay in any offline fundraising?


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Ask people to donate directly to your online fundraising page. That way the money will automatically come direct to us and you don’t have to chase anyone to collect their money (please note online fundraising pages will take an admin fee off your overall sponsorship raised).

If you’ve collected cash then you can pay the money in by sending a cheque made payable to ‘The Children’s Hospital Charity’ at The Children’s Hospital Charity, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TH.

You can also send your money in via bank transfer, please email us at for bank details.

If you’re collecting offline donations please ask your supporters to fill out a Sponsorship Form and tick the Gift Aid Box, if applicable.

What happens if I don't reach the fundraising target?


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If you don’t reach your fundraising target you can either cover the remaining cost of the skydive yourself or we can postpone your jump until you feel you can reach your target (as long as your jump is rescheduled within 12 months of the original date).

If you would like to postpone your tandem skydive you may do so free of charge with up to 7 days’ notice.

Date changes for tandem skydives with less than 7 days’ notice incur a cancellation fee of £25 per person.

Alternatively, you can cancel the jump altogether. We just ask that you refund all monies to sponsors (please see the cancellation FAQ below for more details).

What if I have to cancel my place?


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If, for whatever reason you would like to cancel your skydive please contact The Children’s Hospital Charity on or call 0114 321 2470 as soon as you are able.

If you want to cancel your place completely and not reschedule your skydive then the following applies:

Cancellation at least 1 month before the skydive

  • You will lose your non-refundable deposit but will not be charged for the skydive. We just ask that all sponsorship money is returned to the donors.

 Cancellation within 1 month of the skydive or non-attendance on the day without prior notice

  • You will lose your non-refundable deposit and will also be charged the full cost of the skydive.

How will you contact me about this event?


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All our correspondence will be via post, e-mail and social media. Please keep a check on your email inbox, always check your junk folder in case we’ve gone in there by accident and follow us on Twitter @sheffchildrens; Facebook ‘Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Charity’; Instagram ‘thechildrenshospitalcharity.’

Where is Skydive Hibaldstow?

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Skydive Hibaldstow, Hibaldstow Airfield, Hibaldstow (near Brigg), North Lincolnshire, DN20 9NN.

What is a tandem skydive?

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A tandem jump skydive is a popular option as fundraisers will jump harnessed to the front of a BPA qualified instructor and with just a 20-minute briefing required it is the ideal jump as a challenge event.

What distance is the skydive?

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You will jump from 15,000ft where you can enjoy one whole adrenaline-fueled minute of freefall reaching terminal velocity at 120mph.

What’s included with the skydive?

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  1. Briefing with a BPA qualified instructor
  2. Equipment – Skydive Hibaldstow provide a jumpsuit, goggles and hat
  3. Tandem skydive from up to 15,000ft
  4. Mandatory membership to the British Parachute Association
  5. Certificate of bravery on landing

Do I need insurance?

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The only type of insurance included is the mandatory membership to the British Parachute Association. There is no medical or personal accident insurance included. However, if you would like to take out a one-off tandem jump policy then this is your choice. We cannot provide or recommend insurance however there are several companies that offer this including 

What do I need to wear?

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You are provided you with goggles, headgear and a jumpsuit to go over your clothes for your skydive. It is advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothes, and layers are advisable as you can always add or remove them.

Flat soled shoes or trainers should be worn. Slip-on shoes, heels and boots with eyelet hooks are not suitable.

Remember to wear your charity t-shirt over your jumpsuit!

Who can take part?

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Some medical conditions or injuries may prevent you from taking part. If you have any concerns regarding your physical or medical ability to take part, please consult your doctor. You should also advise us of any relevant conditions in advance. As well as letting your instructor know on the day. Asthmatics should take inhalers with them in the aircraft. Any previous shoulder dislocations MUST be declared and discussed in advance.

See the below FAQs for age, height and weight restrictions. 

Are there any age restrictions?

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Minimum age is 16yrs old. Parental or legal guardians’ consent is required for those aged 16/17. There is no upper age limit for tandem skydiving, subject to health.

Is there a height and weight limit?

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  • Maximum weight: 14.9st (95kg / 209lbs) fully clothed. They will take up to 100kg at an additional cost of £15.
  • Minimum weight is 6.9st (44kg / 98lbs)
  • Minimum height 4ft 11 (147cm)

Those who have a height and/or weight under the limits will require a harness fitting assessment before being approved.

There is no upper height limit but Skydive Hibaldstow advise that anyone over 6ft 5in will need to fit comfortably in the harness.

In addition to overall weight, BMI can affect your ability to jump. We regret that those with a BMI of 39+ are not suitable. Those with a BMI of 35+ will be subject to assessment.

To work out your BMI:

Divide your weight in kilograms (Kg) by your height in metres (m). Then divide the answer by height again to get your BMI.

E.g. if you weight 70kg and are 1.75m tall, then divide 70 by 1.75. The answer is 40. The divide that answer 40 by 1.75 again. This equals your BMI of 22.9.

Can spectators watch?

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Yes, there is a pleasant café-bar for spectators to wait as well as outside seating. 

Spectators are always welcome however please be aware that waiting times on weekends are a minimum of 4 hours and longer on busy days or when weather causes delays, so please consider this for elderly or young people.

Dogs are not permitted on the airfield at all (except guide dogs).

What happens in bad weather?

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Approval to skydive on a given day is based on wind strength and speed and your own unique personal combination of age, gender, height and weight.

Please be aware that not all wind conditions are suitable for all tandem jumpers and, for your safety, the centre chief instructor may choose to postpone your jump until wind conditions are more suitable. In some cases, this may unfortunately result in your skydive being rescheduled for an alternative date. However, it is also equally possible that wind speeds on the day may be suitable for all jumpers.

This particularly affects those tandem students who are elderly, less agile, have limited mobility or are otherwise less physically fit and those who have a high body mass index – particularly females or those close to the tandem weight limit.

We hope this does not de-motivate you from taking part, but we do feel that it is important to be honest as possible so that participants have a realistic understanding of the complexities of such an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity and for you to appreciate that the charity and Skydive Hibaldstow only have your best interests and safety in mind.

If a skydive is postponed for any reason, then jumpers have 12 months from their first visit to the airfield within which to reschedule at no additional charge.

Will my jump be filmed?

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Skydive Hibaldstow offer the option for you to have your skydive videoed and photographed to preserve the memory of the experience of a lifetime forever.

This would be an additional cost you pay, and you would need to contact Skydive Hibaldstow in advance to arrange. Note- book your package for a cheaper prior to the day for a cheaper price!

What facilities does Skydive Hibaldstow have?

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There is a large Clubhouse with indoor seating and outdoor spectator area 50m from the landing area.

There is a café open daily serving hot and cold food and drinks and an onsite bar (however, skydivers are not permitted to drink before they have jumped).

Skydive Hibaldstow has an accessible ramp, toilets and drop off point – full access statement available on request

Free parking is available on site.

Still have a question?

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Contact us at or on 0114 321 2470. Our events team are on hand to help you as quickly as possible!