Reach for the sky's

Team Theo's Skydive - 17 July 2021

We are fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity

We're going above and beyond for Sheffield Children's Hospital by taking to the skies and completing Team Theo's Skydive!

Please donate if you can help us reach our target. Every penny makes a difference.

Thank you!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Paul Bird

Here is some cash that I've received from friends


Helen Palmer

Good luck buddy, you are brave or daft!



Good luck Paul. Happy landings! Bx


Janet Cocking

Can't wait to see you jump out of the plane must be mad but good luck and for a worthy cause.


Ali Bartram

Gosh you must be mad! I wish I was a brave as you though as I’m sure it’ll be amazing 😜. Soft landings x


Carol Bird


Bev Hennell

Good luck Birdy!!


Andrew Macfarlane

Best of luck Paul.


Jonathan Yates

Thankyou for signing up and doing the jump with me!


Simon Palmer

Good luck Paul hope you have a good landing 😆😆


Jo, Darren And Matt Hunt

Rather you than us! Good luck Paul. x


Paula Goy

Good luck Paul.


Deborah Bird

Looking forward to seeing you being thrown out of a plane! But for a good cause.


Paul John Bird


Dan, George & Martha

Have a fab time! Safe landing :)




Natalia Dorozko


Andy Turton


Joanne Parker

Braver than me!! Good luck, Paul x


Rattaya Fannon

What an amazing thing to do. Good luck and well done Paul 👍


Ashley Wilson


Steven Lynne Thomas....

You'll enjoy paul


Blake Lamb

Reach for the sky mate!!



Best off luck dad 😁


Michelle Ordidge

Good luck Paul ,safe landings x


Annyth Perkins


Gillan Bates

You are one brave man! We’ll be cheering you on from the ground! Enjoy (if you dare open your eyes!)