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I'm fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity

Here we go again.........Sheffield Children’s Hospital have been going above and beyond for our patients and families, I'm going above and beyond for them by taking on my own virtual running challenge!

Please support my fundraising if you can, every penny makes a difference.

Thank you!

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100 miles completed. Another 3.62 run this morning. Last chance to donate.

Wednesday 21st Jul

A hot one (managed to sneak away from Tom) - 3.38 miles left to the 100

Monday 19th Jul

A short one (stopped by a cat). 6.95 miles left to run.

Monday 19th Jul
Well I started but Tom had other ideas and followed me.  Twice!

Part 2 - 7.21 miles left to run

Sunday 11th Jul

This time with the link

Sunday 11th Jul

8.23 miles left to go to the 100

Sunday 11th Jul

Part 2of my run (post inhaler) - 11.39 miles to go to 100. I can do this.

Sunday 4th Jul

Avoided the cat, but not the pollen. Part 1 - 11.9 miles left to get to 100.

Sunday 4th Jul

2 runs that were not big - 13.91 miles left to go.

Sunday 4th Jul
Trued to run twice last week but my Tom cat followed me, meowing madly.  Decided not to risk him following me all the way and getting lost.  Did do 0.38 miles in total. #everymilecounts

Tom (my cat) came to see me at the end . :) 85.67 miles done. 14.29 miles left to reach the 100. I can do this!

Monday 28th Jun

Another run complete. 82.53 miles run. 17.43 miles to go.

Wednesday 23rd Jun

Back on it - 80.51 miles completed.

Tuesday 22nd Jun

Asthma sucks

Wednesday 16th Jun
Short delay to completion while I sort my lungs out.  :(

3.27 on a hot muggy morning - 77.35 miles now completed.

Thursday 10th Jun

Another 3 miles in the bag - 74.08 completed.

Thursday 10th Jun

Broken the 70 miles run mark - 71.03 miles now completed.

Wednesday 2nd Jun

Another run complete - 67.87 miles done

Wednesday 2nd Jun

Team Theo running again - 64.48 miles done.

Wednesday 26th May

Another run - 61.34 mles done.

Wednesday 26th May

Cheryl challenge run 6

Saturday 22nd May
57.93 in total  and challenge smashed. 

Cheryl challenge run 5 - 54.46 miles done. Another 3.14 miles to meet the Cheryl challenge.

Sunday 16th May

Cheryl challenge run 4 - 50.84 miles completed

Sunday 16th May

Cheryl challenge run 3 - 47.46 miles complete (almost 1/2 way)

Tuesday 11th May

Cheryl challenge run 2 - 44.29 miles completed

Tuesday 11th May

Cheryl challenge run 1 - 3.76 miles done of the 20 she has set me.

Wednesday 5th May

total so far

Sunday 2nd May
So 37.6 miles done in this virtual run. Going to keep going.  Wonder how many runs until I reach 100 miles.

Run 3 of the Carol challenge - 4.27 and 10.76 miles in total. Boom

Sunday 2nd May

Run 2 of the Carol challenge - 3.15 miles done, 3.51 miles to go

Wednesday 28th Apr

Run 9 Carol challenge run 1 - 3.34 miles - fastest ever. 6.66 miles left Carol.....

Monday 26th Apr

Run 8 - only 3.11 miles as I had to stop to take my inhaler, but 26.2 miles + a bit complete. Reached my goal. Feeling happy. Going to keep going.

Saturday 24th Apr

Run 7 - 3.33 miles done - 2.46 miles left.

Saturday 24th Apr

Run 6 - 3.65 miles done - 5.79 miles to go

Friday 16th Apr

Run 5 3.34 miles done - 9.44 miles to go.

Sunday 11th Apr
Fastest run ever. 

Run 4 another 3.64 miles done - 12.78 miles to go

Friday 9th Apr

Run 3 another 3.19 miles in the bag - 16.42 miles left to go

Tuesday 6th Apr

Run 2 - another 3.39m in the bag - 19.61 to go

Sunday 4th Apr

Run 1 - 23 miles left to go

Friday 2nd Apr

Thank you to my Sponsors


Peying Fong

Hi Louise, great to see you are going the extra mile...or rather--kilometer--to support this cause! Keep on keeping on!


Cheryl Pinder

Well done Louise. You are doing amazing for a fabulous cause. Love Cheryl 💕


Janine Kirby

Well done so far, here's to the next few miles!


James Hill

Good Luck on the run and well done for getting out to run


Carol Hood

Good Luck.


Emma Cooper

Well done Louise! ♥️🌈


Carol Shepheard

Well done matey! Very proud of you xx


Helen Thomas


Sue Davies


Carol Shepheard

You legend Louise! Just keep running!



Great cause. Impressive running!