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My target 250 kms

I'm fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity!

🐻 I'm taking part in the Sheffield Children's Hospital Bearathon helping raise money for the £2.75m that's needed to build a new Cancer and Leaukemia Ward at the hospital 🐻 

I'll be walking to cycling 2.75km or more a day for a month. Giving myself a personal target of 150km /93miles.

Learn more about it here: https://www.tchc.org.uk/events/bearathon!.html 

Any donations greatly appreciated, thank you 😊 : https://events.tchc.org.uk/fundraisers/judithsurr/bearathon

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So close to the end

Sunday 19th Sep
Just 5km to go!

Quick spin

Tuesday 14th Sep

Hat hair or new style?

Monday 13th Sep

Surprise corner was beautiful

Monday 13th Sep

Lady bower section 1

Monday 13th Sep

13th September update

Monday 13th Sep
Wow. What a beast of a ride for the Bearathon. 41.12 miles/65.2 km. From home to Ladybower, round Ladybower, before heading back home going up surprise corner 👍🚴‍♀️

To track my progress, or donate, click the link. Thank you 😊 https://events.tchc.org.uk/fundraisers/judithsurr/bearathon

Bears of Sheffield

10th September update

Monday 13th Sep
We had a lovely day yesterday enjoying the sunshine, and eating ice cream (sorbet) at Our Cow Molly. Felt like a real treat especially after getting to the half way point of the bearathon! 125km down, 125km to go.... 13 days left. Legs are aching so much now. Recon I'll do it? 

Track my progress: https://events.tchc.org.uk/fundraisers/judithsurr/bearathon

Bears of Sheffield

31st August update

Monday 13th Sep
🐻🐻 In just 7 days, I've smashed the daily (and nearly hit the monthly target) for the bearathon, averaging 11.7km a day. I originally set my target higher than what was required, to achieve 150km (93 miles) in a month, BUT I'm moving the goal post again..... Within the month-long bearathon, I'm going to do 250 km (155 miles) through a combination of spinning, hiking and walking. 

Thank you for the donations that have come through already 🥰
You can follow my progress, or make a donation to the Sheffield Children's Hospital via my fundraising page below:


Any donations would be greatly appreciated, thank you 🥰

🐻 I'm taking part in the Sheffield Children's Hospital Bearathon helping raise money for the £2.75m that's needed to build a new Cancer and Leukemia Ward at the hospital 🐻 
Learn more about it here: https://www.tchc.org.uk/events/bearathon!.html

Todays walk

Sunday 12th Sep
Walk around town and back

Walking and spin today!

Thursday 9th Sep

Little and often 👍

Sunday 5th Sep

Struggling for energy this week

Sunday 5th Sep

Nora Virus 🦠

Thursday 2nd Sep
Picked up a bug from Ivar. Will be back on the Bearathon and making up for lost time from Saturday! Need to get some food in me for energy first.

Lunchtime spin session done! 10miles

Tuesday 31st Aug

Hiking cancelled as nursery closed

Monday 30th Aug
But jumped on the spin bike tonight instead

Late night spin session

Sunday 29th Aug

Catch up day!

Saturday 28th Aug

Bear-athon day 3: Kinder Scout from Grindsbrook Booth (circular)

Thursday 26th Aug
16.5km 3hrs52 1,507 calories burnt 1,783 elevation gain 1 great big hike!

Quick spin with Ivar on my knee this morning.

Wednesday 25th Aug

Bearathon Day 1: with mum in law

Tuesday 24th Aug
2.76km covered

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Well done Judith.


Dan Kirkland

Well done Jude!


Adrian Clarke

Keep it up Jude!


Alison Barto

Well done. Xx


Jordan Kennedy

Looks like you're making good progress, keep it up.


James Pratt

Well done Jude!


Amy Dale

Amazing Jude!! Well done ❤️ Xx





Andy Slater

Nearly there - keeping it going, you're doing amazing!


Michael Presson

All the best!


Amanda Ward

You're doing great, Jude, keep going! X


Amanda Barnes


Mohammed Ali


Christine Gregory

Doing great! Keep it up!xxx


Vicky And Tom

Such a great cause, we're sure you'll smash it! Love Vicky and Tom



Well done 👏🏼 such an amazing effort for an amazing cause!


Neil A


Mr Mark Basford


Natalie Slater

Amazing, well done Jude!!!