Cara Atherton

I'm fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity

In June 2021, Sheffield Children's Hospital saved my daughters life after a unknown illness caused her to stop walking, talking and eating. Without the treatment my daughter received it is not known whether she would've made it through the night without  the hospitals help. Now my daughter is stable and back to her old self, it is finally time to repay my gratitude.  

I'm going above and beyond for Sheffield Children's Hospital by taking to the skies and completing Team Theo's Skydive!

Please donate if you can help me reach my target. Every penny makes a difference.

Thank you!

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Friday 15th Apr
I just wanted to thank everyone who has not only donated but shared the links, passing on the word etc. 
The support has been incredible and I’ve loved talking to everyone about the facilities this hospital offers!
We’re almost there! Let’s see what we can do!😀😀

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tsj Smile Ltd

Best wishes from everyone at TSJ.




Daniel Thorpe


Monroes Pizzeria

Tips from donation box, you go girl!




Martin Bialowas


Roderick Purcell





Good luck Cara!


Cara Atherton


Iyana Mohammed

I’m so glad they were there to get you through that horrible time! So proud of you for doing this 💖


Niamh Bradley

Good luck!!!



So proud of you my Doris! You’re an inspiration to us all, and the greatest role model for Elodie! SMASH IT! 🪂 🥰



Soo proud of you!! So thankful for what the hospital did to save my little niece when the other hospitals gave up!!


Jamie Jackson