Ben Salter

I'm fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity

Many of us take the things we have in life for granted, including our health. Looking back, I realise how fortunate I was to have grown up with no health complications. It gave me the best chance in life to progress. However, some children are having to battle illnesses that threaten their chance for living a somewhat normal life. 

On 20th June, The Children’s Hospital Charity would have been holding their annual Chatsworth 3k or 10k walk event. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, sadly this event has had to be cancelled. 

Therefore, I’m raising money for my local children’s hospital to provide the care for children who need it most in our region, by doing my own 10k. Every step I conquer and every pound I raise will change the lives of hundreds of children who visit Sheffield Children’s Hospital every day.

Your donations will make Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better, by creating an environment built with children in mind. With your help, the Children’s hospital charity will fund new facilities, vital research, specialist equipment and a comfortable, engaging setting to help thousands of children from across the UK and beyond.

Thank you for your support. You are making a difference to thousands of children and their families.

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Ben Salter