I'm fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity

Hello there :)

life's really too short to miss out on opportunities  like this: Getting to do something as amazing as skydiving as well as getting to reunite with my friends from the UK while at the same time doing something for a good cause! 

I'd really appreciate a donation of whatever amount works for you! Every penny helps the Children's Hospital to change lives for the better! 

For more information feel free to check out my blog post below. 

Stay safe everyone and thanks in advance!


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Why I am taking part in Team Theo's Skydive

Monday 29th Mar
Since my trip to England a bit over a year ago where I studied at a boarding school near Leeds I always had the intention of coming back to visit my friends again. Although I only spent two terms studying at this school the impact it had on me I can't put into words. And especially when it comes to the friendships I made I can't stress enough how much they mean to me and how grateful I am to have met all the people I did of whom some I intend to do this jump with. 
To remain completely honest and transparent, I didn't even know this hospital existed a few weeks ago. Luckily one of my dear friends from England informed me about it and then it just hit me: Wasn't this the perfect opportunity to get back to the UK and reunite with my friends while at the same time getting to do something for a good cause as a byproduct? Well, it didn't take me long to get singed up and here we are. Of course there's no guarantee that Corona will allow for me to travel this summer so I can just remain hopeful. But no matter how things are going to turn out in my specific case this is a great event and every donation not only helps me but this organization to do good in this so often very unfair and painful world.

Lastly I'd like to thank the TCHC-Team for their great support in figuring out details regarding the event and of course my source of inspiration for making all of this possible!

Thank you for your time and hopefully a manageable donation as well ;)

With kind regards 
Arne :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Omilein & Bepa

Congratulations: Dare to do something new and do good at the same time. This is Arne! Your grandparents called Omilein & Bepa


Jürgen Lork

Great idea. I gladly support it in the sense for the children and your reunion and of course. ... FUN!!!


Arne Dörries




Matthias Dörries

Chewbacca on the move!


Claudia Gerber

Good Luck, Arne!


Anja Samuel

Liebe Grüße


Andreas Dörries

Viel Erfolg


Louisa Kropp

Donation from my dear friend Louisa. Thank you very much!


Lara Dörries


Grace Dibb

so excited for us :)