The Fillinghams

We are fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity!

We are taking on Team Theo's Glow Run 2021 to raise money for Sheffield Children's! 

We are so thankful to have Sheffield Children's and for everything they do. Including for our family going there every 4-6 weeks along with the numerous phonecalls and prescriptions in-between. 

Please support our fundraising if you can, every penny makes a difference.

Thank you!

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My Updates

More visits to SCH

Thursday 9th Sep
Back to school and back to reality week. Monday - Jude had an appointment with hearing services for more testing of his unilateral sensorineural hearing loss. He was amazing and cooperated the best he ever has with it, managed to get both ears tested this time. Back in 6 months to see the consultant. Tuesday - both boys had their Cystic Fibrosis clinic appointment. Both chests sound clear, gained weight and Jude's back where he needs to be. Both boys oxygen lower than where they usually are and still no precision medicine but we are still hopeful 🤞🏻 Wednesday - both started with coughs, Covid tests done waiting results. I thought we might make it to the end of the week but it was inevitable with it being back to school and the clinic curse we call it as they always start after clinic. Jude had a cough swab and Coby NPA so they will let us know what's going on. One plus of them having coughs earlier than I thought is hopefully by the time their birthdays come if they need treatment the antibiotics will have kicked in abit and they'll start to feel better by then. But knowing their luck probably be Covid this time and have to isolate for both their birthdays 🤦🏼‍♀️

The happiest poorly boy

Friday 3rd Sep
Less than a week after Judes quick visit - a few days into the school holidays, Coby who seemed fine that same day required admission suddenly and was in for 11days. I'm still processing this one but can't speak highly enough of the Cystic Fibrosis Team, all the staff on Ward 3, the theatre staff and the OPAT team for everything they did and are doing.

Kicking of the summer holidays with coughs

Friday 3rd Sep
Jude had a trip to the hospital first just before the school holidays started. He was able to have a speedy recovery and coped the best he's ever coped with it thanks to the Cystic Fibrosis Unit.

When you see your favourite bear as a big sculpture 😲

Friday 3rd Sep
I'm no good at keeping up with these blog posts.... Jude was beyond excited to see 'big Theo bear' in the summer. He can't remember meeting Theo mascot as a baby he'll be so happy when the mascots able to be back out, he absolutely adores Theo bear 🐻

Coby being brave boy today 💙

Monday 5th Jul

Can't keep track 🤭

Monday 5th Jul
I'm not very good at finding time to keep going with things like this. So... Since the last blog post just over 2 weeks ago we've had more amazing help from the Children's Hospital. We've had a clinic visit the week before last seeing the consultant, nurse, counsellor, dietician and physiotherapist. Coby lost weight 10% due to being poorly the week before so got to work hard to get him back up to his weight. Also trying out some different things to get their salt intakes up. Jude had a cough swab and Coby a nasopharyngeal swab. Hopefully they will come back clear as the boys are still on treatment dose antibiotics.
Last week Jude had his speech and language therapy appointment, which he did not want to entertain at all and refused to even say the animals - which he loves! So she is coming to our house in the next few weeks, where hopefully Jude will be in the mood to show her what he's learnt. We've also needed to call the cystic fibrosis specialist nurse and get a prescription last week as Coby started with a yeast infection due to the antibiotics.
Today Coby has had another sweat test which he was amazing with and now we wait for the results and see if there is any changes since his first sweat test.

Baby Theo bear

Wednesday 16th Jun
Jude gave Coco baby Theo bear but has since taken baby Theo back for his nap 💞

Grateful for SCH again today

Wednesday 16th Jun
Phone calls the last 2 days and a quick visit to the Children's today for Coby's NPA swab and to collect his antibiotics. Hopefully he will pick up quickly like Jude has done since he had started with his last week 🤞so thankful for SCH again today 🥰

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